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About us

Ortec Finance is a technology and solutions provider, established in 1981. Founded by graduate students from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the company started out under the name ORTEC. This was an abbreviation for Operations Research Technics, describing in a nutshell what the company is and does to this day. ORTEC seeked to improve decision making by using quantitative models. More than three decades later, this still is our core expertise.



By creating models that give a reliable representation of reality (in relevant areas) it became possible to calculate the impact of decisions, and consequently to improve decision making. Initially this approach was applied mainly to logistic problems, but it turned out to be quite effective in the financial sector as well. At first, the models were primarily designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Later on the technology was refined in such a way that it could also be used to maximize profits and limit risks as much as possible.



Effective combination of disciplines

The strength of Ortec Finance is rooted in a combination of quantitative models, IT and market knowledge. This combination of skills and expertise gives Ortec Finance its special niche, on the intersection of IT and consultancy. We substantiate all our advice with a model, and before starting an automation trajectory we want to fully understand all the underlying issues. We are a professional, specialized provider of solutions that can be successfully implemented. Through this combination of disciplines we strive to be the very best in our field.


The core of our services

Our clients want to be sure that the decisions they make have a solid and reliable foundation. Ortec Finance offers models that show a realistic view of reality, and give a reliable and scientifically sound estimate of future developments and risks.


By doing this, we achieve two important results.

  1. First, we contribute to improved decision-making, because the data on which clients base their decisions are more complete, bring greater insight and are more meaningful. Hence, our clients perform better, get superior results and are able to adjust their policy in a timely and deliberate manner if needed. This way we support our clients in realizing their goals.

  2. Furthermore we take care that our models are maximally transparent. This means that our clients are perfectly able to explain why they have made certain decisions. This meets a crucial need of our clients, namely to justify these decisions to their stakeholders. It is thus of great value in increasing good governance and accountability.



We work hard to serve our clients better. To do so, we continue to invest in upgrading our products and services. We also build committed and long-term relationships with our clients, thereby sharing our knowledge on a larger scale and accordingly allowing more people to profit from using our solutions. To realize this ambition we strive towards healthy growth, enabling us to ensure the high quality we offer.