Ortec Finance Swiss annual seminar, again a successful event!

29  mrt 

Once again the Swiss annual seminar, held on 23 March this year, was successful and an international affair with 50 people attending from various countries.

This year’s topic was ‘Dealing with cyclicality in asset returns’. Our first speaker was Mathias Drehmann from the Bank of International Settlements, who presented the different methods for identifying financial cycles and the importance and relevance of financial cycles. Our next speaker, Hens Steehouwer from Ortec Finance, discussed business cycle and financial cycle dynamics, and how the relationship with asset class and risk return warrants further research, particularly with respect to long term investment decision making.

After a break Raymond Hamersma from Ortec Finance further elaborated on the use and the added value of cyclicality for investment decisions and finally Rens Götz from ABB presented a case study on the benefit from medium term cyclicality through dynamic asset allocation by identifying opportunities from cyclicality and incorporating cycles in decision making.

Our panel consisted this time of Mathias Drehmann, Rens Götz, Stefan Beiner from Publica, and Hens Steehouwer, with Claudia Emele from Ortec Finance moderating the panel discussion.

The break and lunch provided once again an excellent networking opportunity for both guests and Ortec Finance and we received very positive feedback.