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Formulate the complex policy and monitor real estate performance

Business needs

In order to finance social goals, asset management has become a core task of housing associations. The optimal exploitation and transformation of the assets – the real estate portfolio – is a new reality in the sector. The asset manager continuously executes performance analyses on the various real estate complexes and in doing so captures opportunities and threats, as well as strong and weak points. Based on these analyses, optimal decisions can be made and limits can be established for property management.

The new Ortec Finance platform supports asset management. Historical performances, current realizations and future policy scenarios are united here. Interactive graphic and numerical reports help the asset manager to analyse the real estate portfolio and to make well-founded policy decisions.

Asset management is an important part of the integral financial and real estate platform. Steering on direct and indirect return provides the basis for good asset management whereby the valuation of real estate fulfills a supporting role. In addition, asset managers receive clear outlines from strategic (portfolio) management for the transformation of the real estate portfolio for which they are responsible. The real estate policy selected by the asset managers in turn becomes important input for the financial management process.

Business needs

Platform for asset management

  • Extensive interactive graphical analysis options
  • Historical performance (partial)complexes
  • Insight in financial and social housing performance real estate portfolio
  • Contains simulation and valuation capabilities of WALS(and TMS)
  • Compare policy options with hold-sell analyses
  • Insight in contribution from social exploitation and investments (Three Chamber Model)
  • Different roles and authorisation options
  • Part of the platform for integral financial and real estate operation

Consultancy and training

  • Support with organisation of the asset management process
  • Support in determining and embedding market valuation
  • Skills training and course platform for asset management