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Translate your strategic policy on a tactical level with WALS

Financial Management

Business needs

To secure the financial continuity on the short and medium term it is important that the financial goals of the housing association and the financial conditions of the supervisors, are met. The financial risks should also be monitored.

WALS supports financial management. In this projection model for housing associations, cash flows and the valuation of assets and liabilities are simulated. This makes it possible to gain insight into housing association-wide financial indicators such as solvability, ICR, DSCR and Loan-to-Value. WALS supports various real estate valuation methods and the market value calculation aligns exactly to those of IPD and TMS.

Financial management is an important part of the integral financial and real estate platform. Here the tactical choices made in asset management, property development, treasury management and taxation management converge and are tested against the strategic (portfolio) management framework.

Key Features


  • Integral multi-year simulation of assets and liabilities
  • Valuation of real estate against the market value in rented state, company value or historical cost price
  • Impact of policy changes on financial indicators immediately visible
  • Advanced risk analyses
  • Part of the platform for integral financial and real estate operation

Consultancy and training

  • Execution of merger and regional analyses etc.
  • Review of financial multi-year budget by quality analysis or quality scan in WALS
  • Prognosis for CFV and WSW review including explanation of review methodology
  • Support for determining recovery plans
  • Skills training and WALS course
Junior Consultant
Due to the growth of our Real Estate Management department, we are seeking a new colleague who as a Junior Consultant wants to contribute to advising and supporting our clients in real estate. Do you have affinity with financial topics and are interested in the real estate market? If so, please continue reading.