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Formulate the complex policy and monitor real estate performance

Property development

Business needs

Guiding area- and project development assignments in the right direction is one of the most complex tasks of a housing association. Based on investment volumes, run times, number of functions, and the complexity of co-operation and financing constructions, risks which the involved parties face have to be taken into account. Project calculations, feasibility studies, building costs analyses, justification of investment decisions and sensitivity analysis of a project or portfolio are examples of activities for which Ortec Finance can offer assistance.

Our project calculation model GO can calculate projects in an easy, standardized way e.g. building or renovation projects, land and area exploitations. GO visualises the future costs and revenues of a project at various levels, from the real estate object to the entire portfolio.

Property development is an important part of the integral financial and real estate platform. Property development projects are important for asset management in the transformation of the real estate portfolio. Clear insight into the planning and progress of projects is critical to good financial and treasury management.

Key Features


  • Insight into risk and return
  • Efficient, reliable and uniform project calculations
  • Precise cash flow projections to lead to better financing
  • Optimisation projects due to quick, easy calculation alternatives
  • Integration with project administration
  • Part of platform for integral financial and real estate operation

Consultancy and training

  • Support the property development process
  • Second opinion on a project
  • Skills training and GO course