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Choose the strategy that fits the goals of the housing association with SBI and the Three Chamber Model

Strategic (Portfolio) Management

Business needs

You want to adopt a clear policy that delivers the desired results. Defining the right strategy is therefore critical. What can and will a housing association do in the long term regarding the main issues? Which social goals are important? What does an ideal portfolio look like? What are the preferred rental, cost and (de-)investment measures and are they achievable within the financial limitations? How do you readjust during financial adversity?

SBI, the strategic policy instrument of Ortec Finance, supports strategic (portfolio) management. It provides insight on the impact of various strategic policy scenario’s on both financial and social performances. SBI supports the housing association in determining and monitoring the (portfolio) strategy i.e. the strategic plan for the main issues in the long term. SBI contains the operational methodology of the Three Chamber Model.

Strategic (portfolio) management is an important part of the integral financial and real estate platform. It provides a clear framework for the tactical execution of the policy.

Key Features


  • Integral consideration of social goals, real estate activities and financial options
  • Communication tool for sessions with management and municipalities
  • Strategic plan with framework for executing policy on a tactical level
  • Part of the platform for integral financial and real estate operation

Three Chamber Model

  • Integral strategic steering concept for the three main roles of a housing association
  • Contribute to efficiency, effectiveness and financial continuity of housing associations
  • Transparency promotes legitimacy

Consultancy and training

  • Support performance agreements between municipalities and housing associations
  • Execution of merger and regional analyses etc.
  • Three Chamber Game as an introduction to the concept behind the Three Chamber Model
  • Skills training and SBI course