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Taxation process of real estate at market value with TMS

Taxation Management

Business needs

The market value in rented state is the valuation method increasingly adopted by housing associations for its operation and accountability. Taxation management is the process of assessing the market value in rented state. This process of collecting object data, selecting valuation parameters, internal controls, analysis of changes in value and coordination with the valuer can be performed multiple times each year. The determined market value can be included in the annual report and periodically reported within the organization.

TMS supports taxation management. With this system you are fully in control of the process of taxing the market value in rented state. In TMS, iTax can also be activated periodically to actualize the value of vacant objects and the market rental value of objects based on recent market developments. The vacant value and market rental form important input parameters for the market value in rented state.

Taxation management is an important part of the integral financial and real estate platform. The periodic revaluation of real estate is critical input for reviews by asset managers. The determined and validated market value in rented state will often be included in the annual report which is part of the financial management process.

Key Features


  • Always an up-to-date market value of your real estate
  • Manage market rental and vacant value via interface with iTax
  • Results available at every desired level
  • Access to all relevant information for audit statements
  • Certified taxation system for professionals in real estate
  • Part of the platform for integral financial and real estate operation

Consultancy and training

  • Complete guidance of the taxation management process by Ortec Finance experts
  • Ortec Finance provides information needed for taxation purposes
  • Skills training and TMS course