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What key investment decisions influence your performance?

Performance Attribution

Business needs

Investment decisions are continuously reviewed to quantify how much value they add. Whether it concerns over- or underweighting in a specific country by the global equity manager, the focus on certain stocks by stock pickers, the high yield pushed for by the fixed income manager, or the dynamic reallocation strategy of an institutional fund – all these decisions are made with the intention to add value. They must be quantified, understood and communicated in order to improve future decision making and deliver business and asset growth.

Ortec Finance has been providing performance attribution and risk solutions for over two decades to its leading global clients. Our solutions evaluate the impact of all investment decisions whether positive or negative, complex or simple. By providing access to a full range of standard attribution models our clients can bring clarity to the investment process. Since standard models cannot capture all decisions, Ortec Finance has developed a superior model that identifies the impact of the top-down investment decision-making process.

Our solutions help the institutional investor understand strategic allocation decisions, tactical changes and hedging strategies, and their implementation. Given the continued growth in multi-asset and asset allocation funds, asset and fiduciary managers require an analytical understanding of the entire decision process. Robust yet scalable technology enables us to deliver to all stakeholders, from the largest global asset manager to the smallest pension fund. In distributing analytics we offer flexibility from web-based interactive reports to large-scale client reporting.

Key Features

Unique ability to quantify the top-down decision-making process

  • Specific attribution models (Equity, Fixed Income, Currency, Alternatives) can be combined with the top-down approach
  • Extensive library of return and risk measures for any period and aggregation layer
  • Integrated benchmark compiler to facilitate composite, blended and custom benchmarks

Automated workflow management

  • Including data validation and reconciliation with full audit trail

Better relationships with clients and other stakeholders

  • Fast, flexible and reliable web reporting capabilities lead to better relationships with clients and other stakeholders
  • Role and stakeholder-based dashboards and reports, including GIPS reporting

Deployment options range from license to hosting/SaaS

  • Fully scalable to handle large data volumes
  • Excellent track record of implementations
Friday, May 19, 2017

Hears a Who! The case for decision maker based attribution.

Decision Based attribution is getting more and more attention lately. The technique that allows for capturing all decisions that are made in the investment decision process from the high level strategic allocation decisions down to the lowest operational decisions.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Performance Attribution Two Minute Demo