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Translate goals into an optimal portfolio with OPAL platform

Goal Based Financial Planning

Business needs

Private investors expect clear insight into risk, return and the probability that they will achieve their financial goals. They require advice tailored to their specific personal conditions as well as ongoing monitoring of their financial situation and goals.

The client’s goals should be the starting point of any financial advice. Goal-based financial advice and monitoring supports smart and responsible decision-making. By providing a tailored advice, clients can make the right financial decisions.

OPAL platform facilitates all stages of the advisory process, from client intake and risk-profiling to (online) client reporting and proactive monitoring. The goal-based financial planning and investment decision support platform meets the needs of different business models and can easily be integrated in your existing business processes. Goal-based financial planning brings structure, consistency and efficiency to the advisory process and is compliant with (inter)national regulation.

Key Features


  • Build relationship of trust by managing clients’ expectations
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of clients‘ goals
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention

OPAL platform

  • Client profiling and cash flow planning
  • Investment decision support using scenario analysis
  • Active monitoring of financial goals

Using scenario analysis

  • Real-world high-quality scenarios
  • Holistic approach considering client-specific information
  • Considered best practice by financial authorities

MiFID compliant

  • Digital storage of advisory process (audit trail)
  • Alignment product profile and client profile (suitability)
  • Consistency across products, channels and business models