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Join the global trend towards digitization

Online Financial Services

Business needs

Consumers are shifting from traditional advice to online financial services. They want round-the-clock access to their current financial situation. They expect online information and advice to be up-to-date and to be able to make their own financial decisions via the web. Financial institutions have recognized this trend and business models are adjusting rapidly. Adding the online channel requires setting up a framework that can provide uniform data, high-quality calculations and consistent communication of risk and return.

An OPAL-based framework offers several options to communicate risk and return consistently across the full product range and all communication channels. By using data generated by OPAL Engine you can create your own investment platform for the advisor and client. OPAL platform delivers a ‘ready to go’ advisory and monitoring tool that can be customized and integrated with existing processes and software. Both options deliver first-rate economic data that help provide the expected service level and increased client satisfaction and retention.

Key Features

Consistent framework

  • OPAL platform: advisory tool, monitoring tool and client interface
  • OPAL Engine: calculation engine delivers high-quality economic data for web-based client and/or advisor platform tools

Join the global trend towards digitization

  • Online information, advice and guidance to serve different client segments and business models
  • Opens up a broader client base at a lower cost

Complete planning & monitoring process

  • Client intake (Know Your Client)
  • Select optimal investment portfolio
  • Offer client reporting (online and pdf)
  • Active monitoring)

Increased client satisfaction

  • Deliver high-quality online information and advice via client portal or investment platform
  • New technologies enhance interaction between client and advisor