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Become MiFID compliant with Goal-based financial planning & monitoring

Business needs

International regulation and guidelines emphasize the need for suitable investment solutions and close monitoring of the investments over time. Clients expect clear information on risk, return, costs and the achievability of their financial goals at any moment. To meet the demands of clients and regulators, banks and investment companies need to have consistent firm-wide risk management and monitoring processes in place. These processes are built around four consecutive steps. The process starts with the assessment of goals and risk attitude. The second step involves the identification of risk on a company, client and product level. Stage three, measuring risk, concerns the alignment of the client’s risk attitude and risk of the investment portfolio. The achievability of various goals on different horizons is also addressed in this third stage. The final step in the process is the actual monitoring of risk and goals and the necessary adjustments in a changing business and personal environment.

Ortec Finance designs and implements the risk management processes. OPAL platform provides the necessary backbone for a consistent framework. It ensures a uniform economic view, consistent advice, monitoring of implementation risk and the risk of not reaching goals, irrespective of service channel and/or client segment.

Key Features

Identifying risks on company, product and client level

  • Firm-wide uniform processes, investment view and advice
  • Clear insight into short and long-term risk, in order to generate extra return
  • Customized risk management across client objectives

Measuring and monitoring implementation risk

  • Risk portfolio in line with risk SAA or client’s risk profile
  • Goed in kaart brengen van individuele aandelen en fondsen tot sub-activaklassen
  • Actuele standaarddeviatie beperkt tot risicobudget

Measuring and monitoring risk of failure to reach goals

  • Identify, concretize and prioritize client’s goals
  • Monitoring individual goals as well as the entire client base
  • Proactive alerts for client and/or advisor depending on business model

MiFID compliant

  • Assessing client profile and investment suitability
  • Investment decision support
  • Ongoing monitoring of suitability, risk, return and goals