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Sfeer REM

An annual real estate valuation that is both precise and efficient with OrtaX

Business needs

Every municipality has to determine the value of real estate annually. This revaluation process must be executed accurately and comply with Real Estate Valuation laws (WOZ). The valuation must be justified for the owner. That is a challenge in itself. The municipality must also repeat this process annually whereby the workload does not diminish. Ortec Finance can automate this process.

Ortec Finance is specialised in the area of model-based valuation. Our experts calculate a robust home valuation model that can last for years, for municipalities or cooperatives. This is because our valuation application OrtaX adopts an alternative, efficient concept in which the value is based on an an ongoing market analysis which takes previous adjustments in value into consideration. As a result the WOZ valuation workload decreases annually and you do not have to repeatedly reconstruct the model.

Key Features


  • Extensive bulk functionality
  • Record and re-use of adjustments in value
  • Valuation models for marketable, non-marketable and agricultural buildings
  • Robust two-way interface with all regular tax systems


  • Registration of object features, not per period but per cycle of the features (efficient)
  • User friendly
  • Interface with national databank via tax application

TIOX Module

  • Smooth communication with TIOX, your tax application and the valuer
  • OrtaX registers valuations in TIOX, taxations always match

Document Manager

  • Registration of object features, not per period but per cycle of the features (efficient)
  • Connects data from municipal documents in WOZ administration
  • Smooth workflow

Ortax online

  • Permanent access everywhere to OrtaX data
  • Unlocking data through secure and robust connection with your WebLogic Server

Consultancy and training

  • Process management WOZ
  • Skills training and OrtaX course