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An investment strategy based on sound portfolio management principles

Sovereign Wealth Funds

As an independent specialist, Ortec Finance provides decision support software for Sovereign Wealth Funds, to help them manage the complexity of investment decisions. Ortec Finance designs, builds, and applies solutions for (dynamic) investment strategies, ex-ante and ex-post risk management and performance measurement and risk attribution.

Financial dislocations and economic developments force Sovereign Wealth Funds to define an effective (dynamic) investment strategy. In an ongoing search for return in a risk-controlled manner, Sovereign Wealth Funds are required to invest with a full understanding of the potential risks involved. There is a tendency to focus on the micro level, whereas macro-level decisions usually have a greater impact on risk and return.

In addition, stakeholders increasingly demand more insight and transparency regarding the performance of Sovereign Wealth Funds. A key aspect of performance analysis is to determine the contribution of asset classes, sectors, or even individual securities, to the risk and return of portfolios. Accurate performance measurement and attribution can show which segments consistently add value on a risk-adjusted basis and which do not, and help to identify strengths and weaknesses of the investment process.

Thorough, effective, and independent

Ortec Finance combines state of the art technologies, the latest academic developments and practical experience to help Sovereign Wealth Funds face these challenges. A long-lasting collaboration with the academic community guarantees that our methodology is well-founded in scientific research, while extensive investments in understanding the needs of our clients further ensure a smooth and practical application of our advanced decision-support software. We value our independence, which ensures we can provide the best level of support to our clients. Hence we refrain from any activities that could cause conflicts of interest (e.g. manager selection).


Since standard models cannot capture all decisions, Ortec Finance has developed a superior model that identifies the impact of the top-down investment decision-making process.