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Strategic Advice

A pension fund is often confronted with complicated questions. How can you determine the risk appetite of social partners, participants and pension fund boards? Do you have to adjust the pension scheme due to changes in legislation and regulation? Is your fund sustainable for the future, and what are the consequences of a merger of funds or transfer to an insurer? Are you paying the right attention to the pension scheme during the collective bargaining process?

Ortec Finance has extensive experience in dealing with such issues. We do this based on a methodology that consistently leads to an investment policy that serves the main goals, and meets the core beliefs of the pension fund. Our experienced consultants operate with a broad perspective and master various skills ranging from actuary to investments and economic scenarios. Our consultants use our high-quality models in order to come to an accurate, quantitative foundation of our strategic advice. Years of consulting experience have helped us understand the needs of our clients, and guarantees smooth and practical application of our advice.

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  • Understanding the needs of our clients guarantees smooth and practical application of our advice
  • Support decision making on investment strategies, contribution policy and pension arrangements

Thorough Risk Assessment

  • Strategic advice based on an accurate, quantitative foundation
  • Simulation of future consequences in terms of relevant objectives and risk factors
Working paper Financial Risk Management for pension funds
Working paper

Financial Risk Management for Pension Funds